Life in the Spirit Seminar

March 30th, 2003, was the last day of the seminar LIFE IN THE SPIRIT, conducted by Joe Dalton in Colorado Srings, Colorado, USA. Joe Dalton is a CATHOLIC layman who was born, grew up, and lives in Ireland.

A layman according to human standards, not Divine ones. He took early retiremet and has been now preaching about GOD'S LOVE FOR ALL HUMAN-KIND for more than a decade.

He sincerely believes that there shouldn't be any separation between Christians of different denominations; by that, he means between people who believe and endorse the APOSTLES AND NICENE'S CREEDS. He also believes that CHRISTIANITY shouldn't be forced upon anyone, either by force or pressure. He believes in the respect for human life regardless of ehnicity, race, religion, social status, and/or region of the world where that person lives (inside or outside the mother's womb). Those beliefs are taught by THE BIBLE, and are an integral part of DAYSOUNDS' core values as well.

A representative of DAYSOUNDS attended each and everyone of the sessions. His hand-written notes can be found by clicking on the links below (First-Fifth Day); in brackets, are his personal comments. He thanks the ALMIGHT GOD for many reasons, among others, having received healing on his left hand (it had a radial paralysis). Our FATHER LIVES!!!

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