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Through the last 20 years people have been praying for "revival," but revival has been elusive. We should have been praying for something less mystical and more practical: LOVE.

According to our dear Lord Jesus, all duties, all laws, all commandments that He wants us to abide by are summarized in one--" You shall Love (agape love)."

That agape love is not a feeling (even though feelings sometimes are a consequence of it), it's action, action moved by a premeditated decision. That's why it is a commandment. "My little children," the Apostle John wrote inspired by the Holy Spirit, "let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth." --IJohn 3

The world is rejecting Jesus because we have become flavorless salt. The flavor of our salt was love. Of course, we still love...ourselves, our core families, our toys, our houses, our pets, but very especially ourselves. We seem to love all that so excessively, that we don't seem to have love for anybody else (including Jesus).

If we meet someone in need, we tell him, "We'll be praying for you. Trust Jesus. He loves you. He will meet your need."
However, we don't move a finger to help him. When someone hurts us, we hurt back, or keep a grudge. We are so busy, so worried about material things and ourselves that instead of irradiating love, we resemble ghosts and/or clowns.

And all that while we pray for revival! Let's pray for the love of God to flood our lives, and start putting that love into action because fresh oil is not going to be poured into our vessels until we give what we have.

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