What Difference Does It Make?
--by DaySounds ©2011-17

What difference does it make?
Blue above, blue below;
Gray above, dark below;
Dark above, dark below?

Sparrow or nightingale,
Eagle or chicken,
Lion or lamb?

Rich or poor,
President or sweeper,
Doctor or janitor?

What difference does it make
When you are sick,
When you are dying?

If you were given the choice,
Would you rather be sick and rich,
Or healthy and poor?,
A chicken at large,
Or an eagle tied to a rope?,
Happy in the rain,
Or sad in the sun?...

If you don't know how to sing,
But you are loved?

What difference does it make?
I'd rather be a healthy sparrow,
Unloved and unappreciated by others,
But cherished and loved by You, Lord.

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