God speaks to us.
By an Anonymous Contributor, 2022

God speaks to the human beings He has created. He speaks to them
as a group, and He speaks to them individually.

Several months ago last year, I was praying alone at the back of the
church, when--all of a sudden, I saw a glow coming from a painting
near the altar to the left.

I stood up and walked towards it. It was a representation of the
vision which Helena Kowalska (also known as Saint Maria Faustyna
Kowalska) had: The Christ of Divine Mercy.

The red rays were lit up brightly, and they marked a path at the feet
of Jesus, that went over the words "Jesus I trust in You," highlighting
them, and out of the painting and its frame. The white rays extended
from Jesus' right hand to His right side, and over the frame, making it
look like stars. I was transfixed.

After a few seconds, I tried to find out what the source of those lights
was. At first, I couldn't find anything; then, I saw that the Sun rays
were going through a stained glass window, producing those bright
colors. I said to myself, "What a coincidence," and took several
pictures with my phone.

However, upon further reflection, I realized that after years coming to
the same pew, and sitting at the same place to pray, I had never ever
seen those light rays there. "Maybe, God is speaking to me,"
I thought. So, I said, "Father God, if You are speaking to me, help me to
listen and understand."

I shared the experience with the pastor and the deacon of the church,
and requested their prayers. A few days later, the Holy Spirit spoke to
me in a non-audible, yet clear, voice: "The red rays of light making a
path that goes from the feet of Jesus, highlighting the words 'Jesus I
Trust in You,' and out of the painting and its frame, mean that you
are going to walk through a period of strong suffering. The white rays
of light extending from Jesus' right hand mean that you are going
to overcome. Just keep trusting Me."

A few weeks passed, and I became seriously ill, admitted to the local
hospital in town several times; then, taken to a larger hospital at a
near city, where I spent 13 days at the Intensive Care Unit, and 8 days
at a regular room.

During the first 9 or 10 days at the ICU, the doctors thought the
chances for me to survive were minimal. Doctors, nurses, assistants,
technicians, and cleaning personnel did their best to improve my situation,
and cheer me up (for which I am very thankful), but there was no
improvement. I was on 75 liters of oxygen per minute and the oximeter
reading was just an average of 90.

Near the 9th day, the doctors told me, "We have done all we could,
but there is no improvement in your lungs. Since you declined to be
placed in a coma in order to be placed on a ventilator, there is
nothing else we can do for you." (I had read that only about 50%
of people who have been induced into a coma survive, and many
of those who survive have serious side effects.)

All through the ordeal, I remembered the message from the Holy
Spirit: Trust in Jesus. So, on the night of the 9th or 10th day, I prayed,
"Father, please take me with You tonight; however, if You want me to
stay here on Earth a while longer to share your Love and Salvation
with other people, let it be and heal me."

The following day, one of the doctors came with a smile on his face,
saying, "We have started seeing signs of improvement in your lungs."
After that, there was a continuous, daily improvement. A few days
later, I was transferred to a regular room upstairs, and on the 21st day,
They released me to go home, where I continued the recovery for 2
more months.

Now, my lungs are doing well--thanks to God, and it is my purpose to
tell you and others that He Is Alive, He is our Father, and He loves
you and me much more than we can ever imagine.

Jesus, I trust in You.

Note.- Representations of God, angels, the saints, or ancestors are not to be worshipped.
My gratitude to God, to the hospital and home-hospice staff, as well as to those family
members and friends, who kept praying for me, visited and took care of me, or sent
encouraging messages. May the Lord reward you for your actions of love on my behalf.

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