Night Attack
by DaySounds © 2017

Yahweh, my Father,
Creator, God,
Faithful Friend,
Defender, Provider,
In You, my soul rests.

You are my good Shepherd,
Even in times of trouble,
Worry, anguish, distress.

Through the vigils of the night,
When emotional and physical pain come,
Your loving Presence soothes and cures;
And, without any chemicals,
My head rests assured;
Peace beyond measure
Filling my heart, and the room too.

The cruel voice of the enemy
Tries to topple down the fortress walls:
"You are a failure.
Remember what you did?...
And what you failed to do?
Remember what you said?...
And the times
You should have spoken,
But you did not?"

Then, the boiling oil of the Spirit
Is thrown down,
And upon the enemy's head falls:
"You are talking about my dear child,
Who has been forgiven and restored,
Made brand new.
Don't you dare to bring into mind
Past sins, forgiven and forgone."
"You don't have a future,"
The enemy goes on,
Attempting to break the fortress gate,
Slamming it with his powerful ram's horn,
"You are stuck in a boring, wasted life,
Which leads to nowhere, except the grave."

God's arrows go and fly swift,
Piercing the enemy through,
"My child is a fortress on top of a hill,
A lighthouse that shines, guiding the way,
Providing comfort, encouragement, advice,
Bringing the lost back Home, to my fold.

"I am Yahweh, the Lord of lords,
The King of kings, your Creator,
The Almighty God.
Go away, proud, unthankful liar,
I order you to let my dear child
And sleep well."


© DaySounds, 2017
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