Deliberate Destruction
by DaySounds © 2021

At their neighbor's tragedy,
People laugh--
The tragedy which came about
Just as they had planned,
While the surrounding witnesses

Without habeas corpus,
A "trial" is held.
There is no impartial jury;
Just a tiny group of people
Hearing only
The side of the accusers.

With no evidence, declared guilty,
The judge orders to rapidly execute him,
Who has a different
Way of thinking.

Merrily, they celebrate the pain,
The destruction they have caused.
Thinking they are unaccountable, almighty,
They support one-another
With winking eyes, arrogance, and pride.

Father God, You see and hear it all;
Your wisdom and power are infinite.
Please bring them down, in Your own way,
So that they can't hurt with impunity
Anyone else ever again.

Note: The beaver family that built the dam misteriously
"disappeared" a few years before this picture was taken.