The Easy Way: Led by the Crowds
by DaySounds © 2020

As water runs,
And downhill flows,
As fire rises,
And with the wind it goes,
So human beings move on.

Taking the easy path,
They don't realize
That, sooner or later,
A cliff is going to come.

The passion of their hearts,
Moved by the voice of the crowd,
Is going to shift, uncontrolled,
Destroying everything on its path.

Oh, dear Farmer,
With pick, shovel, and trowel,
Even when it hurts,
In spite of our complaints,
Please control the fire,
Direct our course.

May our lives be used
To quench thirsty souls,
Provide moisture for the soil,
Where healthy crops can grow,
Burn toxic plants and weeds,
Provide the Holy Warmth
Of Your Love.

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copyright 2020 DaySounds
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Updated March 20th., 2020