Decisions: Who is who?
Shelter on Fire
By DaySounds © 2023

Shelter on fire
Made entirely of wood,
And without a lightening rod.

Incandescent beams
Burn your skin by a touch,
Or just a gentle brush--
Evaporated human trust.

"Who are you, who?"
The owl hoots and hoots.
"Who are you, who?"
The mourning dove asks.
Without a second thought,
Its life is no more, gone.

A bridge over troubled waters,
A "friendly" bridge of rotten logs.

Twisted, bent rudder--
Under the water, while docked at port,
About it nobody knows,
And the ones who do, don't report.
The ship looks so good,
Safe and secure.

When making an important decision,
Let's not lean on our or someone else's
Feelings or perceptions,
But on the contextual advice of the Bible,
The Word of God,
The One Who sees beyond.

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