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¡Date prisa, que nos van a dar las uvas!
Las uvas vienen; las uvas pasan;
Un año nuevo llega;
En el baúl de los recuerdos

¿Para qué las prisas?
Las pasas, con sus arrugas,
Son más dulces que las nuevas.
Más vale esperar con una sonrisa;
Dar ánimo a quien esperamos,
En lugar de exasperarle
Con nuestra crítica.

Como el refrán dice,
"Vísteme despacio
Que tengo prisa".

Frecuentemente, las prisas
Dan lugar a errores,
Olvidos; a veces, incluso
A grandes tragedias.

Grandpa, to listen to your advice
I don't have time;
To the doctor's appointment
I've to go.

She is about my age,
Doesn't contradict me,
And tells me what I want to hear;
She has a Ph.D. in psychology.

"God, God, God..."
Can't you change the topic,
I know he is out there;
But he is there, and I am here!

Be practical, grandpa!
The Bible is outdated;
Its values are for people your age,
Your values--
Not for our times and days.

The world now is different;
Today's values are
Much less complicated,
More Clear:
People are supposed to do,
What makes them happy,
Regardless of who gets hurt,
Or any
Negative consequence.

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