A Journal Entry
--by DaySounds © 2015-21

Cold snow, warm fireplace,
Empty pockets, nice friends.
Icy snow on a windy day,
Pellets flying hitting your face.
Breathtaking views in front of you,
Occluded by the short-living storm.
Thoughts of a warm hut,
And a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

Where am I? On Alma Lake--
A lake as frozen as my soul.
Couple days pass, the Sun shines,
The curtains open.

"Is there anything wrong with the flow chart?",
The doctor asks.
"She is breathing, but no response
To any of our prompts."

Poor mom, my poor mom.
She looks so beautiful, so peaceful, so old.
I remember when she was young,
Full of energy:
She outran my brothers, me and dad!

The old saying at O'Hare
Keeps playing in my ears:
"Keep on walking. Keep on walking."
Business men and women on my left run.
"Excuse me. Excuse me," they say.

So, I pick up my backpack
And stare at the ravens
Munching on something buried on the snow.
That reminds me I am hungry--
Hungry and cold.

"Keep on walking. Keep on walking."
Okay, okay, I hear you.
I wave at the ravens,
Who say goodbye with two head nods.

"She will be okay. Don't worry,"
The doctor says;
But, we buried her the following day.
I know she is with our Father God,
But I cry and cry as I had never ever
Cried before.

Swimming feels so good.
I always liked swimming;
I am swimming, frantically swimming.
It energizes me.
It feels really good!
I keep swimming and swimming,
Without realizing that the snow
Has ended its race down the slope.

My backpack is gone,
And so are my hat, snowshoes, and poles.
I paid a lot for all those things;
But, what is that compared to eternity?
Thanking God, I stay there, lying down,
Staring up the long, steep slope.
It looks so nice, so beautiful, so peaceful.

Voices shout, "Are you okay? Are you okay?"
Two pretty ladies approach me.
One offers me a cup of hot chocolate.
I drink it. It feels just great!

After wiping my mouth
With the sleeve of my coat,
I said, "Thank you very much";
However, they don't respond.
They are gone.
Maybe they are shy.
Maybe they are playing a trick on me.
I look behind...Nothing!
I look at the snow...No prints of boots, skis, or snowshoes!
My hand is holding...an invisible cup.

"Keep on walking! Keep on walking!"
I don't feel like doing it.
The two ravens again show up,
Landing next to me,
And start flapping their wings.
"Keep on walking! Keep on walking!"

I laugh and stand up.
Try to pet one of them,
But they both take off and fly away.

It is much warmer here
Than where I was way up there.
I want to take a nap.
"Keep on walking! Keep on walking!"
Oh, fine, be that way;
So, I start walking, zigzagging downhill,
And walk, and walk, forever walk.

Two guys come to me,
Asking if I am okay.
I don't answer and keep on walking
Because I know they are not real.

A hand rests on my shoulder.
"Are you okay, Sir?" "Yes, thanks,"
I reply and keep walking downhill.

All of a sudden, I see a trail,
Which I follow and follow, forever follow.
I wonder if it leads anywhere.

"Keep on walking! Keep on walking!"
My mind has gone blank.
I have stopped thinking.
All that is in it is
"Keep on walking! Keep on walking,"
Which I do.

I hear people. I see cars.
They stare at me with weird faces.
One of them invites me to a restaurant.
Without knowing whether it is real or not,
I hear myself accepting the invitation.
At the restaurant, everybody looks at me.
In normal circumstances, it would have bothered me;
But I don't care. It just feels odd.

I see myself eating and drinking.
Time passes. I am waiting and waiting
To see the restaurant and the people disappear,
But they don't.
It is happening. It is real!
Thank You, Father God!

DAYSOUNDS © 2015-21