The Three Trees
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God Always Gives Us Our Dreams.
Perhaps not Necessarily in the Manner We Imagine, but in a Much Better Way.

Once upon a time, far, far away, long, long time ago, there were three trees. They were young trees on the flat top of a very steep slope.

The first one said to the others, "When I grow up, I would like to be a treasure chest, which holds the most precious jewels and valuables in the whole entire world; the second said, "When I grow up, I would like to be made part of a mighty ship that rides, without sinking, the raging waters of stormy seas"; the third one said, "As for me, I would like to be left here, uncut, grow tall and beautiful, so that people look at me and praise God for His love for them."

Time passed. The three trees grew and became mature. They were just beautiful. Then, one day, three loggers came by, saw the trees, and on their hands and feet climbed the steep hill. The first tree was chopped down. She thought, "This hurts, but now I am going to see my dream come true." The second one went through the same experience. The third logger looked at the third tree, hesitated for a moment seeing her beauty; then, chopped it down too. The third tree was devastated because she knew her dream had just been shattered into pieces; it was never going to come true.

The three trees were sawed in different shops. A carpenter was modeling the first tree into a wooden chest. She was excited. The second tree was taken to a ship yard, and people started using te boards to make a ship. She was excited as well. The third tree was sawed to logs and beams; then, stored in a warehouse. She cried and cried; everybody could see the big sap tears coming through her eyes. Nobody could comfort her.

Time passed. The first tree realized that she hadn't been made into a treasure chest, but into an ugly-looking box, which didn't even have a lid! The second tree also realized that she was not a part of a mighty ship, but jut a small fishing boat! They both cried and cried, knowing that their dreams had been broken for good. They would never come to be. They were devastated, and nobody could comfort them. They just knew that their lives were worthless, and they would always be that way.

One day, as a cow was chewing hay, she was gently pushed away; more hay was gently placed in the manger; then, a blanket and some soft clothes. The first tree didn't know what to think, what was going on, because she was that manger, that box. Her eyes open wide in amazament when she felt the warmth of a little baby touching her, being placed inside her. It was Christmas Eve in Bethlehem.

Another day, as years went by, some fisherman were at sea. A raging storm rose mighty waves. The fishermen fought all they could not to sink. The boat was about to break; they woke up a man who was sleeping there. He stood up, told them not to fear, and commanded the sea of Galilee to calm down--which, at once, it did.

The warehouse was quiet when, all of a sudden, some Roman soldiers came in. They wanted two beams, one shorter than the other. They got them and left. The third tree didn't have any hope. As a matter of fact, for all those years, she didn't seem to do anything else but cry. She oftentimes thought of her unfulfilled dream; and that made her cry all the more because she knew it was impossible for people to look at her and praise God for His great love. The soldiers made a cross. Jesus, the Christ, carried that cross. He was nailed to it. They raised it, and placed it for everyone to see, in the most prominent place on top of Golgotha Hill. A few hours later, Jesus died there for you and me, to pay the price our sins deserved, to make us free.

The original version was written centuries ago in Europe. Nobody knows who the author was or where he came from. The words, shape, and form have changed though cultures and time, but the message is still the same..

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