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"Princess of the Broken-Hearted"
--by Sandra Lee © 2003

Oh such a lovely, lovely Princess
So gracious, so gentle, so kind.
This Earth will never know another.
You were quite beyond your time.
A Princess, but not from birth,
A realm not quite in your hand,
A job you could never complete,
But still a Princess

They came to you,
And you didn't turn away.
Enemies of love tried to stop you,
But they were led away.
Into your arms, many went to die,
And you held them,
Wiped their tears away.

Oh Princess, where is your palace?
A palace in the mud.
Cockroaches and beetles
Became the sentries there,
At your door.

But you, Mother Teresa,
Amid the trash of human greed,
Reached out, and picked up
The little ones, of whatever age.

Note by Daysounds:
Sister Sandra is a Christian whose faith has been tested by life adversities, and has come shining as gold.
Today, October 15, we remember Santa Teresa de Jesus. Another Teresa whose life made, is still making,
and it will be making a profound impact in the lives of the people who get in touch with her
(through the testimony of her agape love and her writings).

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