George Stephens, Ludi, Sergio Cazorla, ...

There are Angels, and there are people that behave like angels. Three of those people are Sergio Cazorla, Ludi, and George Stephens. Through their lives, they touched other lives; through their love, they changed others.

I especially remember George, and especially remember him simply because I saw him more often than I saw Ludi or Sergio. I can't prove this with physical evidence, but whenever he was close to me, I always felt good, as if I were by the presence of an angel--perhaps, at the Presence of God.

The Bible says that the children of God have His Holy Spirit dwelling in them. Why was it that whenever I was in the presence of George I felt like hugging him, talking to him, or just being by him? Why was it that when he didn't make it to church I felt like a vacuum, as if an integral part of the service was missing?

God says that the kingdom of Heaven belongs to the little children. Why was it that children loved George so much? My youngest daughter and I had lunch with him twice; ever since the first time, her soul got attached to his; she prayed for George, asked about George, sent her regards to George. I once asked her, "Anna, what is it that makes you to like George so much?" She paused for a few seconds and said,"I don't know. May be his smile."

The truth is that George reflected the joy and love of His Father God.

His life was a living message:

"GOD IS LOVE" (as the Bible says--and as Twila, George's wife, prints it in her bookmarks)

or put it in the '60s language:


True love doesn't hurt others. It forgives. It doesn't take revenge. It treats others with respect. It doesn't think that there are people superior to oher people. It is meek. It is humble. It is unselfish--That is George

We shall enjoy their presence again in Heaven.
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